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- Letter of Demand Template

If you perform a service or provide a product to someone you deserve to be paid for it, unfortunately sometimes you need to chase payment from debtors who can be in financial difficulty or simply donít want to pay.

If you are chasing an outstanding invoice from a debtor there are a number of formal recovery steps which you should take before going through the process and expense of making a statutory claim.

The LAWLIVE™ letters of demand have been drafted to help reclaim any outstanding payments and ensure due process is followed and documented prior to the formal recovery process. You should use them to follow these steps;

Step 1) Letter of Demand: Friendly Reminder, this is a gentle reminder to the debtor that they have not paid the outstanding invoice.

Step 2) Letter of Demand: Second Reminder, this informs the debtor that you have already asked once and not received payment.

Step 3) Letter of Demand: Final Reminder, this tells the debtor that if you do not receive payment within 7 days you will proceed with legal action.

LawLive's new Business Letter of Demand Template Pack contains all three letters in an editable format, giving you the flexibility to fully customise your letters of demand while still being comfortable you are using a quality document.

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