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Thrilled With Your Service. Phone Call Was Terrifically Helpful and It Was So Easy To Use Documents (i'm Techno Illiterate.) Thankyou So Much.
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Our Services

What is it?

First launched in September 2006, LawLive has grown to become Australia’s most used online Legal Contract & Document provider. The LAWLIVE® website provides an online service to enable companies, organisations and individuals to independently create a variety of customised legal documents in a number of practice areas including Employment contracts, Intellectual Property, Financial Documents, Trust Documents, and Information Technology documents.

We believe that every organisation, business or employer should be working towards ensuring that its business is on track towards complying with good corporate governance. We have endeavoured to assist with this by ensuring all LawLive documents are of the highest standard and by growing our library of documents in response to demand from our 15,000+ users.

The LAWLIVE® website navigation and document building is quick and easy to use and you have the flexibility to save a partially or fully completed document prior to purchase or to modify documents even after purchase.

How does it work?

To use LAWLIVE® you follow a simple three step process;

  1. Find the document you are looking for – We set out specific information in relation to all the documents we presently have available on the LAWLIVE® website. Each individual document page sets out further detailed information in relation to that document, providing background as to relevant circumstances in which the document would be used and a list of the provisions included in the document.
  2. Building the document – By clicking “start building now” you will be asked one page of questions relating to your use of the document, the answers to these questions are vital as they form the basis for your agreement. Once you click complete the process our systems will analyse the responses you provided and will generate a customised agreement in Microsoft Word format which will then be sent to your email account, or able to be downloaded from the LAWLIVE® website.
  3. Review your document – Read over your document, if you are unsure of anything please ask or take the document to a lawyer.

Where do I start?

The best place to start is Registration (which is free), once you have created an account you can start building and downloading documents immediately. We recommend you spend some time looking at the documents we offer and the costs for these documents. This will help you decide what type of user you are; whether you’re best to become a subscriber or to use LAWLIVE® on a Pay-As-You-Go basis.

To help you decide the most cost effective way to use LawLive we suggest you take a look at our Payment Options page.

We at LawLive believe that customer satisfaction is of utmost priority and this is supported by our satisfaction guarantee. If you have any feedback on the LawLive website please do not hesitate to contact us on 02 8960 6336 or by email to [email protected]

LAWLIVE® is the trade/service mark of LawLive Pty Ltd ACN 119 610 310 which is a privately owned company with a registered office at 3201/77 Berry Street North Sydney, NSW.

LawLive ®
LawLive ®
LawLive ®