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Deed of Copyright Assignment Template (Bare Assignment)

Deed of Copyright Assignment Template (Bare Assignment)
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This Deed of Copyright Assignment conveys a bare assignment of copyright. Note it does not contemplate assignment of any future copyright which might be created - if you require such a deed, please see the other LAWLIVE® templates.

Under the Copyright Act 1968 (cth) Section 196, the assignment must be in writing to be effective and it must be signed by or on behalf of the assignor.

WARNING: If a licence to use has previously been granted or there has been a grant of any other third party right (eg. Where there are royalty payments or there is a charge, mortgage or other equitable interest), we strongly recommend that you do not use this Deed without first checking that the assignment does not breach any prior licence or agreement. This is because under that agreement the Assignor is likely to have obligations and these cannot be unilaterally assigned by the Assignor.

Where a third party has rights (eg. As licensee), a deed of novation should be used which will join the third party as a signatory to the assignment/transfer from the Assignor to the Assignee.

This template provides an option whereby GST may or may not be payable. Please note that an assignment of copyright may have capital gains tax (CGT) implications.

This Deed of Copyright Assignment includes the following provisions:
1. Assignment
2. Warranties
3. Undertakings
4. Acknowledgement by assignee
5. Consideration
6. GST.
Schedule of copyright material/s.

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