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Design Licence Agreement

Design Licence Agreement
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Whilst still retaining ownership, the owner can enter into a Design Licence Agreement to licence their registered or unregistered design to a third party in a territory for a specific term. This licence agreement is suitable for use by a designer to license exploitation of the design. The template contemplates the licence of a single design. A search of the Register should be conducted to ensure the correct name is entered as the Licensor.

If you are a design owner, a Design Licence Agreement will allow you to:

  • allow a another party to manufacture and/or market the technology that is the subject of the design;
  • grant rights to use and develop the design to a third party in a specified territory;
  • secure payment for royalties;
  • protect your goodwill in the use of the design.

Having a clearly documented design licence agreement provides your business with certainty, avoids later legal complications and maximises commercial return.

This Design Licence Agreement includes the following provisions:

1. Licence
2. Term of Licence
3. Licence Fee, Accounting & Payments
4. Minimum Quantity Requirement
5. Intellectual Property
6. Confidential Information
7. Access to Patent Technology
8. Licensor Representations, Warranties & Undertakings
9. Limitation of Liability
10. Indemnity
11. Termination
12. Notices
13. Dispute Resolution
14. General Provisions
15. Interpretation
* Schedule
* Notes to Patent Licence Agreement

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