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Employment Termination Letter | In Probation

Employment Termination Letter | In Probation
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This Termination of Employment Letter can be used for Full Time, Part Time or Casual staff while they are participating in a probationary period.

Termination of an employee should always be in writing using a Termination of Employment Letter and it should record the reasons for termination. This can be of vital importance if there is a claim brought by a former employee for unlawful termination. A copy of this form should be kept on the employee's file as well as in your general employment records.

If you are planning to terminate an employee or employees and if you have more than fifteen employees then if the reasons for termination are economic, technical or structural then you must give notice in writing to the Employee in accordance with the Fair Work Act, you must:

  • Clearly set out in the termination notice the reasons for termination.
  • Ensure your notice of termination gives the required period of notice.
  • Ensure all termination payments and any compensation (if any) is also paid.
  • If an employee is terminated for misconduct, show that it is unreasonable that you should continue the employee's employment.

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