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Telephone Policy Template

Telephone Policy Template
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This Telephone Policy sets out internal telephone guidelines covering use of Company landline telephones, mobiles and VoIP. Adoption of such a policy should protect against wrongful use of business telephony systems.

Most of the Policy terms are optional and there is an option to insert your own additional policy term if your business has a unique or special requirement pertaining to its business.

Note: this Telephone Policy includes a statement that "voicemail should not be used to screen calls". The recording/monitoring of internal and external communications, even when consent has been given by the caller, imposes a number of strict legal obligations on the business or entity conducting the recording/monitoring. Inclusion of a general prohibition on screening calls except in situations of bona fide staff absence should minimise the risk of breaching any statutory obligation.

Telecoms monitoring/recording regulated by Commonwealth legislation includes:

  • the Telecommunications (interception) Act 1979 regarding collection, storage and use of telecommunications generally; the Telecommunications Act 1997, the Telecommunications (consumer Protection and Service Standards) Act 1999; and the Privacy Act 1988 regarding use, disclosure and destruction of Personal Information (as defined).

In addition, there is State and Territory legislation covering listening devices however these are unlikely to apply to most commercial businesses.

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