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Manufacturer/Seller Terms & Conditions

Manufacturer/Seller Terms & Conditions
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These are standard Terms & Conditions for use by a manufacturer and/or seller of goods.

The Manufacturer/Seller Terms & Conditions includes a provision for delivery of the goods to the buyer's premises or to other premises nominated by the buyer.

The Manufacturer/Seller Terms & Conditions includes the following provisions:

1. Preliminary
2. The Contract
3. Defined Terms
4. Price
5. Price and Partial Delivery
6. Warranties
7. Delivery of the Products
8. Payment
9. Variations
10. Time of Delivery and Delay
11. Title
12. Suspension of Delivery
13. Installation
14. Ownership of Intellectual Property
15. Inspection of the Products
16. Waiver
17. Termination
18. Notice
19. Governing Law
20. Interpretation
21. Disputes
22. Whole Agreement

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