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Service Agreement Template for Company Secretary

Service Agreement Template for Company Secretary
Document Type: Microsoft Word
Build Time: 15 Min
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This is a common law employment agreement for services which includes a Schedule of formal Duties and a Schedule setting out remuneration with bonus, if applicable.

As well as contractual duties, an employee owes a duty of fidelity and good faith to his/her employer as well as "certain duties of confidentiality". However these duties end on cessation of employment.

An employee may compete with his/her former employer after the employment has ended unless there is a restrictive covenant/restraint of trade agreement in place prior to the employee leaving the employment (see Futuretronics.com.au Pty Ltd v Graphix Labels Pty Ltd [2007] FCA 1621 of 29 October 2007).

This Service Agreement for Company Secretary contains the following provisions:

1. Engagement
2. Probation period
3. Senior Executive's obligations
4. Remuneration
5. Hours of work
6. Public holidays
7. Annual leave
8. Long service leave
9. Personal leave
10. Parental leave
11. Expenses
12. Jury service
13. WH&S matters
14. Termination of employment
15. Further WH&S
16. Confidentiality and trust
17. Intellectual property
18. Policies and procedures
19. Independent legal advice
20. Whole agreement
SCHEDULE of Duties (option to insert additional duties)
SCHEDULE of Remuneration.

LAWLIVE recommends: this is a document which involves the creation of complex legal rights and obligations and may give rise to various taxation and liability consequences. The best way to use this document is to complete it, print it out, print out all of the checklists that apply to it and all other LawLive information that relates to this type of document. When you have done this, LawLive recommends you instruct lawyers to assist you in the finalisation of the document and that you take tax advice from your accountant or tax adviser as to any income tax, capital gains or GST consequences.

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