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Company Share Swap Agreement

Company Share Swap Agreement
Document Type: Microsoft Word
Build Time: 15 Min
Plus 1 this Document:

Only use this document where the Sellers of one company who hold all of the shares in that company are swapping those shares for shares to be issued in another company.

There can be Capital Gains Tax (CGT) implications in this type of share transaction. LawLive recommends that you should not use this document before speaking with your lawyer, tax adviser/accountant concerning the provisions in the Income Tax Assessment Act (Cth).

This Company Share Swap Agreement includes the following provisions:

1. Sale and purchase of the sale shares;
2. Warranties and representations made by the Sellers;
3. Allotment of the consideration shares by the Purchaser;
4. Purchaser's warranties, covenants and representations;
5. Completion;
6. Denial of merger;
7. Denial of waiver;
8. Variations;
9. Whole agreement.

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