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Unsecured Loan: Trust From A Company (New Loan)

Unsecured Loan: Trust From A Company (New Loan)
Document Type: Microsoft Word
Build Time: 6 Min
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This Unsecured Loan Agreement Template assumes that the loan is being made by a company to another company in its capacity as trustee of a Trust simultaneously with the execution of this agreement. If the loan has already been made by the Company then use document Unsecured Loan: Trust From A Company (existing Loan).

This Unsecured Loan Agreement Template includes an optional provision for a Guarantor and also provides that the Lender may make further advances by way of loan/s.

This Unsecured Loan Agreement includes the following provisions:

1. Borrower's acknowledgement of the loan
2. Repayment of the loan
3. Early repayment
4. Interest payable
5. Default by Borrower
6. Whole agreement
7. Option to require security in future
8. Guarantee (optional)

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