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Meeting Confidentiality Agreement Template (Non-Disclosure)

Meeting Confidentiality Agreement Template (Non-Disclosure)
Document Type: Microsoft Word
Build Time: 5 Min
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This is Meeting Confidentiality Agreement Template which should be used if there is to be a meeting at which Confidential Information is to be discussed or given to any of the participants.

You should print out multiple copies of Meeting Confidentiality Agreement Template. One copy should be given to each person attending the meeting.

LawLive also recommends that a record be kept of all Confidential Information disclosed or discussed at all meetings as it sometimes can be difficult to prove what Confidential Information was disclosed, displayed or handed out.

Protecting Confidential Information is important and if you are to have a meeting at which confidential information will be discussed, displayed or given in written form then it is prudent to have each participant sign a Meeting Confidentiality Agreement Template.

Meeting Confidentiality Agreement Templates are also referred to as: Confidentiality policy, Confidentiality contract, Confidentiality document, Confidentiality clause, Confidentiality letters, Non Disclosure Agreement, form for Confidentiality, confidentiality documents, Confidentiality forms, Confidentiality contract.

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