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Non-Disclosure Agreement Template: You are the Discloser

Non-Disclosure Agreement Template: You are the Discloser
Document Type: Microsoft Word
Build Time: 5 Min
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This is a comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreement Template and is specifically designed to protect confidential information, trade secrets and expertise (know-how) from being misused by those to whom such information will be or has been disclosed. If each person is going to disclose and receive confidential information, then our Confidentiality Agreement: Mutual may be more appropriate.

This Non-Disclosure Agreement Template is appropriate where the proposed Discloser of information is either an individual or a company which may be part of a corporate group;

This Non-Disclosure Agreement Template covers where the Recipient entity is either an individual or a company which has related entities and includes a specific indemnity from the Recipient for loss or damage in the event of breach of disclosure.
This Non-Disclosure Agreement Template includes the following provisions:

1. Definitions including broad coverage for "confidential Information"
2. General interpretation
3. Consideration and disclosure
4. Recipient's promise not to disclose, with qualification
5. Information in the Public Domain
6. Recipient has no rights to disclosed information
7. Limitation on copying
8. Breach and indemnity
9. Termination and effect of termination
10. Discloser's rights to enforce the agreement
11. Governing law
12. General operative clauses, including amendments to be in writing, waivers (if any) to be in writing

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