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- Termination of Employment

On the day of termination employers must provide an employee with a written notification regarding their termination. Without this written notification you cannot prove why or how an Employee was terminated.

Before terminating an Employee it is important to make sure you are within your grounds to do so, i.e. that you have given sufficient warnings which are in writing and you still have copies, or your reason for termination justifies no prior warnings being given.

If you do not have copies of previous warnings and you wish to warn an Employee then please see our Employee Warning Letter Template.

In the event of redundancy the National Employment Standards set out a minimum amount of redundancy pay which is required to be given by an employer, in some cases the Modern Award may set out a higher amount, this amount is them applicable.

Employers with fewer than 15 full time staff are exempt from the requirement to pay redundancy to staff members who are terminated for genuine redundancy reasons, however you will still need to provide written notice.

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